Permanent Bliss

                                       Permanent Makeup &  CIT Micro Needling

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Eye Brows

                                Frequently Asked Questions        

 Is permanent makeup right for me? 

People choose permanent makeup for a variety of reasons.

Professionals enjoy the fact that permanent makeup saves them time every day.
With permanent makeup you look beautiful the moment you get out of bed and you stay that way all day long.

Busy women with active lifestyles enjoy makeup that doesn't run when they workout or swim!
Individuals who work in laboratories or sterile environments in which makeup is prohibited enjoy the look that permanent makeup provides. 
Dance all night long and never having to worry about your makeup!

As we age our facial features begin to fade.

Our lips are not as defined, our eyebrows become thinner, and our eyelashes are not as full.
Permanent makeup is an excellent way to enhance these beautiful facial features.

Check out The Before And After Section!

What does a procedure involve?
Your first step will be to come into the Studio for a free consultation and discuss the procedures you are interested in and address any specific needs you may have.
A patch test may be done at this time to determine sensitivity to pigment.
On your procedure day you and the artist will select colors and discuss makeup application. Much time is spent drawing patterns for eyebrow and lip procedures.
This pattern is very important and acts as a guide for the artist to follow while applying the permanent makeup.
Each procedure includes a post-procedure visit that will occur 4-6 weeks after the original procedure. At this time, any areas that need to have some pigment added will be treated.
Photographs will be taken before and after the procedure, then again after the final visit.

How long does it last?
It will fade over time. The length of time that pigment will remain is very individual. Body chemistry, skin pigmentation and exposure to the elements are just a few factors that affect fade time.
 (Average 3-5 year touch ups)


Does it hurt?
It depends on what sort of anesthetic is used by your makeup professional. Many makeup artists who work in the beauty industry,are not allowed by law to use the strongest anesthetics.
(You may see your dentist for a local numbing of the lips if you have a low pain tolerance level.)


How long do the procedures take?
Procedure length varies from person to person. Generally they take 60-90 minutes.

Will I be sore?
You will experience some stinging and discomfort after your procedure.

Eyebrows swell minimally and remain red for approximately one day. This is often alleviated with cold compresses.
Lip and Eyeliner procedures can result in swelling that lasts 4-5 days.

This can also be relieved with cold compresses.



What will my permanent makeup look like?
Initially any pigment will look darker and harsher than it will be once healing is complete.

Eyeliner/Eyebrows will look very dark and lip color will be exaggerated.
As your body goes through the healing process, tiny scabs will form along the areas where pigment was applied.
This is what makes the pigment appear dark. As the layers of skin that were damaged during the application process start to die and slough off, they cover the pigment so that it appears that the color is faded or gone. (Skin appears white)
After those layers completely slough off, the underlying pigment can be seen.


Then simply enjoy years of Permanent Bliss!


Skinpen ~ Microneedling ~ Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

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